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Thread: The Cost of Dog Medications!

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    It pays to shop around, a tube of Metacam 100ml was going to cost me $132 the generic, Meloxicam, was $94, 20 Tramadol was $26, this was at a very large vet clenic in Shepparton.
    When I was running out of both, I tried one of our local vets, & after a call to the Shep Clenic to get permission to sell both meds to me, they were able to supply me with the Meloxicam, cost $64, and 100 Tramadol for $24. One hell of a difference.
    Gee, your getting a good price on Tramadol. It cost me $6 per capsule 50mg at the name of Tramal!

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    Question Previcox tablets shock

    I have just talked to our local vet here in darwin. Previcox 225mg can be purchased for just over $270. This is far too much. Can anyone advise where or how i can purchase same online? Scruffy is 7 year old labrador and has arthritis. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted

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