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Thread: Symptoms of Heart Murmur?

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    Miley's mother dropped dead at age 5 due to sudden heart murmur.
    She was diagnoses with stage 1 and then dead in 6 months
    It's very unusual to have such a rapid decline like that and it was totally out of the blue. The breeder thinks there may have been something else going on, but in any case, they have stopped breeding from her off spring because of it which is why Miley was given to me.

    Miley has been not herself the past couple of weeks. It may be the kitten but I also worry about her heart. Her last vet check was when she was desexed around 2 months ago and there was no mention of a heart murmur.

    So she is much quieter these days and doesn't come for pats and just lays in her beds.

    Could anyone tell me what the symptoms of a heart murmur is so I can keep an eye out for signs?


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    I found this on a medical website :-

    "Dog heart murmur symptoms often include coughing, poor exercise ability, bluish tinge to the gums or tongue, labored breathing and even fainting. While some of these symptoms can be linked to other health issues, and the symptoms are the same between benign heart murmurs and the more severe forms, you should consult a veterinarian any time you have a concern about your dog’s health."

    I hope that helps.
    If you are that worried, what is a trip to the vet Vs your piece of mind? You never know, you could be saving her life. Not to mention the tips you vet could give you!

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    A heart murmer by itself is no big deal - it actually only mean s that one of the heart valves is not closing properly and with a stethescope you can hear a faint noise, it is like a click, but they call it a murmer. You will usually be born with it but it can develop, and you might live with it forever with no ill effect whatsoever other than some "interest" by student doctors when you go for an operation on your foot or something..

    Of course somewhere down the opposite end of the scale you can get the same thing with an impaired circulation of the blood through the heart and so the symptoms of poor oxygen exchange that Ashaari mentions. Here though you are probably talking about a valve disease or some other disease of which the murmer is only a part, or maybe a sign.

    By itself, no big deal, get checked out by a pro, then don't worry about it.
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