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Thread: Have You Ever Heard of This???

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    hi Di Dee

    Do you think it could be that Bandit is more keen to please, and the two bitches are happy to make their own decisions about what to do next and when...

    I'm still trying to figure Frosty out. When she's clever I call her Cattle Dog x and when she does something silly like stick her nose up the bum of a bee - I call her Dalmation x.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogmad View Post
    I understand all that and Hollie has been tested for alot of things. She was poorly socialised when we got her but I assure you she is no longer. I know that licking is a sign of strees I have research this over and over and only posted here as a last resort. Hollie has now been to someone who has dealt with dogs that have been drug effected and she has also said that Hollie shows all the signs of it. It might not sound so bad in my post but if you met her you would know what I mean this isn't like a stressed or anxious dog, I have had a couple of them in the past, there is something else causing it. Her training has not been ineffective because my other dogs have been with the same trainers and seemed to pick things up easily. I am glad that we found someone who might be able to help Hollie and I think we might finally get somewhere with her.
    What works for some dogs will not work for others. TBH it sounds to me like you have a dog with some bad habits who also has you wrapped firmly around her paw.

    What have you been doing at home with her as far as training goes? It's great that the dogs go to see a trainer, but unless you are also working them at home you may not see an improvement.

    I had a foster BC (my 2nd foster) come through once that I would have sworn was as dumb as doggy doo. Turns out I wasn't using anything of value to the dog to train. She wasn't food orientated at all, would not learn a thing for food. Her motivation came by accident in the form of a squeaky toy.

    The licking could be OCD and may have been caused by the THC, but it could also be a nifty little way she gets attention from you every time

    Some of the smartest dogs I know don't automatically do everything they are told to immediately - they do it when they can see there is something in it for them and that is where the trick is.

    I have to agree with Pugger on one thing - being in the same yard and going on the treadmill isn't even close to being the same mental stimulation as going out for a walk. Just think, if you were in the same house all day EVERY day, not able to go out or leave the yard wouldn't you get bored too? I know I would! I'd go nuts and probably start jumping on people, licking a lot and carrying on too!!

    Good luck with Hollie, I hope you have her all figured out asap.

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