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Thread: Heartworm...yrly or Monthly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    I don't give Dolly heartworm treatments.
    I've read your vet needs to test them for "something" before commencing them and then if they miss any it can kill them.

    It all scares they hell out of me to be honest. I never feed him raw offal which is meant to be how they get it.
    It's carried by Mozzies Puggerup so unless you live in a place without the little blood suckers it's a good idea to have Dolly tested.

    Pugs are very brave about blood tests. Can't say the same thing about Pug owners. I hate 'em.

    Puggies are very stoic and usually have a high pain tolerance. My Puglets accepted needles, blood tests, even microchipping without a whimper, never taking their greedy eyes of the Vet's treatie jar.

    I'm sure Dolly will be braver than you are.

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    Ow wight I'll go tomorrow ven but I better get a lolly :P

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