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Thread: Help Needed for Arthritus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrorbull View Post
    Can I ask why?

    My boy is 7 this year and suffers, he is on cartrophin injections, we have not yet worked out a plan with them, just seeing how long he can last between each lot of needles - had some before christmas, and has just started limping the last few days.

    Good luck with it!
    ACV can disturb the ph level in the dog if over done

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    I use it on an off, Atlas has problems with his fur, will go through stages of losing it at the base of his tail and up near his neck, the only thing that has made it grow back was AVC, this is the first i have heard about it having some problems!
    I am doing Relay For Life in 2011, please contact me to make a donation

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