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Thread: Asher Stinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    Agree with that comment 100%!
    ...I never said 2 days...I said...he will probably be eating by day 2...I wouldn't have a problem with 3 days...hubby says...if still not eating be day 4...check if he is breathing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydogau View Post
    Oops! Looks like I am a big stuff up. I've just given him what I fed my Shepherd who had no dramas with the variety. My shepherd reacted to red meat so was on a strict chicken-base but I also gave him sardines in oil, with his dinner once a week, another night I'd mix in a raw egg, often had cooked rice and veges mixed in, and got tidbits and milk. He didn't like any of those smacko type treats so never got them. But of course I had him for a lot longer, I can't really remember what he was like when he first turned up. Poor Asher. You're advice has been taken gracefully and I will slow down the variety and give the poor bugger a chance to settle in
    Sardines in oil is great! Alternatively put 1 tea spoon of flaxseed oil in his daily kibble. Great for skin and coat. NO white rice or pasta!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!~!! Brown rice on the other hand is fine on a weekly basis.

    You will get there, just slowly does it!
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    Asher's foster mum fed Asher on dry food and canned food. No particular brand, just what was available. But I think we might have discovered the answer. The day we brought Asher home my 8yr old daughter fed Asher almost half a bag of Woofbix treats. They are very strong smelling and his breath almost smells like them amongst the digestive gases ... lol ... I didn't think much of it at first, but when I visited my family in N'cle over new year, Mum had a bag of the same treats on her kitchen bench. Everytime one of her cute little pomeranians looked at me I gave them the treats. My dad said to ease up on them because it gives them diarhoeea. Asher has had inconsistent poops - solid then not so solid but not water. So I hope that is it.

    But I don't want to go and buy canned food for Asher It didn't agree with Tigga. What do you reckon? Should I buy some and mix it with his fresh meat and gradually wean him off it or just switch him over and ride the tide till it settles?
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    Hey my dog, I'm no expert either but I find that with the fosters if they turn their noses up at the dry food I mix in a tablespoon or two of wet food and this seems to entice them. I then gradually cut it down so eventually no wet food all dry. My dogs also get bones about once a week or chicken carcasses. They also get natural yogurt as a treat with the dry food from time to time. Don't worry you guys will get there eventually

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    i have had my fair share of diets.
    as jasper is such a fussy eater . and i had trouble feeding hima nd keeping weight on with out him smelling.
    i feed jasper 3 cups of chicken mice, 1 cup of pasta, 1 cup of vegies mashed , 1 egg and half a tin or sradines . thats is he night time.
    food mixed togeather ,
    his morning feed is one chciken carcass or back.
    and he gets at lunch time 4 cups of dried kibble my dog perfer kibble over anything

    a very plain diet will be the most aduquate .
    we all love our dogs and mine get treats to but any one that owns a dog should watch what a wild dog eats and try to feed them like a wild dog raw meat protein and carbhrates.
    with plain diet you have a smell free doggies

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    Is that a lot of food for him Kat? Does he put on weight?

    My boy has three cups of kibble and 1/2 a kilo of mince a day (plus fish a few times a week) and I have to watch his weight. But he stands 32 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 44kg - well when he's not getting porky that is!

    So it seems alot to me, but they are very different breeds I suppose...

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    hi no we are still struggling with jasper weight .
    my other two dogs are just on kibble and chicken carcass. But jasper is on the above diet and is doing well but we feed him as much kibble and chicken carrass as he wants .
    just a very lean dog

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