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Thread: Ringworm...more Advise Please!

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    Default Ringworm...more Advise Please!

    Hi, my neighbours dog was diognosed with ringworm the week before Xmas. She had been treating it daily with Malesab until last Friday (one week ago) when the dog had surgery and she decided to give the bathing a break. The fur has started to grow back but there are still patches of holes in her fur.

    I have dog sat this gorgeous girl many times and this afternoon, neighbour brought her back over again for the weekend. SHe was here about 1/2 and hour when it occured to me that she still has??? ringworm. I packed up her bed and her (dog) and took her back to her house. I will go over and check on her throughout the weekend, but given she would need to be kept separate from my brood here, I can't see that leaving her in her own home is any different.

    My big concern would be Inka the baby pei as she was so sick when she arrived last Sunday, I imagine her immune system could be easily compromised.

    I have Malesab-ed Noah, Bella and myself and we have bleached the tiles where we had this dog while we were trying to assertain what to do.

    Have I over reacted? Can anyone share any experience in this respect?
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    I have a small experience of this.

    Frosty had ringworm not long after I got her. Vet said as soon as the hair started growing back that it wouldn't be active / infectious any more but before that - highly contagious - mostly with any dog that has a small cut that comes in contact but also humans.

    I wanted to visit one of my friends and I mentioned the problem and she freaked out. She grew up with a huge number of brothers and sisters in questionable hygiene - I don't think anything got washed on a regular basis. And they had the worst time trying to get rid of ringworm outbreaks in the humans and their pets.

    Cats can be carriers.

    Leaving her in her home might limit the contact the spores have with your brood, but I guess that's up to you. I don't know if it is life threatening - even to a sick dog, it's just really really irritating - like mozzie bites that won't stop itching and won't go away.

    You'd want to check this with the vet - but I suspect if the treatment has been going for longer than three weeks there is a good chance all the spores are dead, and it's just a matter of the fur growing back. Does the fur around the holes break off and fall out like a bad case of split ends and infection? Still going. But if the fur round the holes is healthy and the new fur growing back is healthy - it's probably just in the healing up phase.

    I also asked my vet about dog school and the doggy ovals (where Frosty probably picked it up), and he said "just say nothing" - eek. We did quite a bit less socialising for about a month I think. Anyway I had a different vet check her out a few weeks later for a different problem and asked him to check - and he said it wasn't ring worm - maybe because the patch was already dead and fur growing back. It was only ever a small hole the size of a five cent bit on her ankle, but it took longer than 10 days to heal up - well the fur wasn't growing back and that's when I got the first vet to look at it... he put it under UV and there was slight fluoressing - but there can be none and it's still ringworm.

    I don't know if bleach makes a difference. Oil of cloves diluted 1/4 teaspoon to 1 litre of water in a sprayer might (not sure I'd put that on a dog) - that's a Shannon Lush recipe for getting rid of mildew spores.

    Anyway - we don't have a problem at the moment, but I freak out like my friend every time I see a dog with "holes" in its fur.

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    I fostered a rescue dog recently and she presented with ringworm after a few days. The vet suggested to use antifungal cream (clonea/canisten) two or three times a day for a couple of weeks. I have two girls of my own so washed all the bedding and started treatment. I didn't separate them and had no issues with it spreading. She only had one big patch on her foreleg and it didn't spread. After about a week, all hair had fallen out and the redness had gone. She played and socialised with my girls all through it and no transfer.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my recent experience.

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