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Thread: Chicken Carcasses

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    I feed mine the chicken carcasses without hassle, that said Nero takes all of one in his mouth crushes it and it s gone in less than 60 secs. The market i buy them from also has the carcasses minced up as well, great addition to the dry food and other combinations. You get around 1/2 kilo for a dollar minced.

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    well chloe could handle the carcuss with ease she just doens't really like them..

    i gave her 3 over teh course of a week, and saw nothing of them until about mid way through the next week, when i was doing some gardening and came across a horrible smell and maggots... Seems she was nice enough to accept them and then hide them so i didnt know she didn't like them... :P

    wings on the other hand are gone before they're off my hand LOL

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