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Thread: Ooops It Had Onions in It!

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    our family dogs always used to get fed human food left overs, and that often included onion. The main problem with that was the pong of dog guts having revenge later. A little bit probably won't hurt unless the dog has a severe allergy in which case I think you'd have noticed. But I'd avoid making a habit of including onion in doggy diet.

    Garlic - in very small amounts seems to be ok, approved even. Go figure. The humans I know who are allergic to onion - can't eat garlic either.

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    Thank you everyone for your advice...Ollie & Penny are well and their usual mischievieous selves. No more onions for dinner...even tho' the looooooooed by spag bol....

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    I didn't at all know that about Apples!!! Scary!! I heard that a decent amount of raw onion seperates a dog's white blood cells from its red and then all the white cells are excreted through all orifices... not sure if this is a bit of an urban legend though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    apple cores and seeds are poisonous to dogs
    WOW , learn something new everyday. I didn't know this, nor onions. I've never offered it to my dogs anyway but didn't know I was actually doing them a favour.
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