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Thread: Diahorrea After Immunisation?

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    Default Diahorrea After Immunisation?

    My 4yo was immunised last night has had some diarrohea today. Is this common with immunisations?

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    Not sure about vaccinations.

    Definitely common with intestinal wormers - did your dog get a wormer at the same time as the vaccination?

    Also common with a change of scenery or an increase in stress levels or different food to normal.

    Or if dog tucks into the compost pile.

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    I have put it down to a couple of things:

    • Reaction to Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvorius Vaccine she had last ngith
    • She has hardly ever travelled in a car, and she had an hours drive this morning
    • Stressed out with her new surroundings etc

    She's come from a home where the previous owners didnt have muchh time to spend with her. I guess new surroundings, new people etc.

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    Dogs can have a reaction to vaccinations, such as this, but more often than not there are also a lot of extenuating facors that also come into it. You've hit some of them on the head anyway, so I wouldn't orry too much at all at this stage. Cheers.

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