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Thread: Staffy That Has a Mass in the Right Nostril

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    aww bless handsome Ralph, so glad that he is back to he's silly Stafford antics

    Wishing you both lots of quality time together

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    to you and Ralph from me, Sumo and Ruby

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    Thank you Shar Pei Rescue Victoria and Aussie Floyd (deb). Yes Quality is the main factor for Ralph. The vet nurses and vets where we go can't believe how happy and smiling Ralph is. Each time we go lately, he is just like a toddler and wants to walk all over all the seats and visit everyone who comes and goes there!

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    Thanks Dorte, was posting as you were posting! Thank you to Sumo and Ruby too

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    Ralph is so lucky to have such a dedicated Mum, there are many that wouldn't do what you are doing. He is happy, he is doing remarkably well under the circumstances, and you are giving him the precious gift of quality of life filled with love.

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    Thanks GAG. We took him on as a 5 wk old and he became part of our family. My OH and I decided that since we did have some money in the bank we would do what we did (we will just keep on renting). We realise that some people wouldn't have the finances to do this, or just wouldn't do this.
    But when you take on any animal as part of your family, you do whatever you can to give them as much as you can in this life.

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    I am really pleased to hear that Ralph is doing so well at the moment. Fingers crossed you have lots more quality time left and a big to you for looking after him so well.
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    Thanks Tkay, How ever long it is, it has been worth it!

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    Default Update on Ralph

    Went for vet visit yesterday for check-up and Dr Mark (who hadn't seen Ralph for a few weeks, his other vets had been doing the last few check ups), couldn't believe how well Ralph is looking. Originally Ralph lost 4 kgs from surgeries etc. He had put on 2.6 kg from last week. He is now 21.6 kg.
    Dr Mark thought that most people looking at Ralph would think he is a happy, health Staffy!
    We will keep monitoring how he is going, but this seems quiet amazing, especially when vets at Sydney University thought we would have little time together.
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    aww bless him, what a dear gentle boy he is, he's sweet innocent face could melt even the coldest of hearts. I could give him big squishy hugs & kisses all day long

    Go Ralph & prove those uni vets wrong, wishing you both many more happy years together.

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