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Thread: Chloes Hurt :(

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    I wish Chloe a speedy recovery .. We have had a few torn pads to tend over the years..
    Keesie used to get very frightened with Thunder .. She would start howling and barking well before a storm came within earshot of us human folk.. Keesie is the woofer on the left in my avatar..  14

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    thanks heaps!!

    naww kessie is soo pretttyyy!! Chloe doesn't even lift her head, thats what was soo surprising..


    She seems 100% compared to yesterday but still has a bit to go, i only have to wash the paws 1ce a day now (but if they start to get really dirty and off then back up to twice daily) and just keep putting the aloe on

    I had to leave her today, to go and get more food for her and when i returned she jumped up and went ballistic like she normally does.. Was good to see (never thought i'd say that!) but you could see when i had to gently push her down it hurt...

    Im so glad my furbaby is ok... I was soo worked up and worried.. She's only been apart of the family for less then 2 months, but even the vet said the bond he saw was as if we'd had her from the moment she was born...

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    Aww glad to hear she's going well!

    Your not crossing the line, I had a police officer give me a huge amount of help over the phone and I sent him a dozen donuts hehe, at least they were willing to help out and with appreciation they wont hesitate to do it again if need be.

    Hope she is 100% real soon!

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