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Thread: Treating Young Pups with Diarrhea?

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    Default Treating Young Pups with Diarrhea?

    Hi I'm new to these forums, I'm fairly sure this is where I should post this topic if not please direct me elsewhere.

    I have a 3month old Kelpie(male). He's had his 1st shot and his 2nd shot was postponed because at the time he had diarrhea. We were given some medication and told to feed him a bland diet (rice+chicken). On the first day he produced black stool and the following days he produced Green-mucousy diarrhea with white specks (1mm diameter). We scheduled an appointment at the Vet for this weekend but I'm terrible concerned and would like some information on what could possibly be the cause of this. He's acting normal; good appetite, very energetic and is well hydrated. He has vomited a few times this week.

    edit: He has gotten much better this morning. His stool is formed but still soft (green). No white specks so I'm assuming it must have been undigested rice in his diarrhea the past couple of days. After a couple of hours it dried and turned black. Not sure if this is a good sign or not.

    Any information or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi Meso

    Glad you are taking puppy to the vet.

    My dog's stools go black after time in the sun. After a week they go white, or they might but they've never had the chance at my place, I pick them up and put them in the bin.

    Usual cause of diarrhea - is something the dog ate that it should not have. You may or may not have seen the dog eat the dodgy whatever it was.

    Another cause is stress. Ie dog finds being on its own stressful so it gets diarrhea. Or going in the car (young puppies can get car sick).

    My puppy dog got diarrhea on and off - she'd have a bad bout every fortnight or so, I made heaps of chicken and rice, was a major PITA for both of us. Then I changed dog food. And that made a huge difference. So there was something in the stuff I was feeding that disagreed with her.

    I've seen dogs with green poo from eating grass or from good-os - they have green. Grass clippings and compost are a major source of diarrhea - and will make the poo green.

    When the puppy vomited - what came up?

    What have you been feeding the puppy normally?

    What does the puppy have access to in the garden or flat that it might eat eg compost, grass clippings, weeds, cat poo etc?

    Also depending on what vet says, a short period of fasting, ie 12 hours for a 3 months+ puppy and 24 hours for an adult dog (18 months+) can help rest the stomach. Not a good idea to fast very young puppies and they will need immediate attention from vet to make sure they don't die of dehydration or whatever is causing the runs.

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