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Thread: Natural Food Versus Ready-made Dog Food

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    Default Natural Food Versus Ready-made Dog Food

    Hi all,

    I am hoping all those out there who feed their dogs a natural diet can help me out with ideas for variance.

    I'm not talking pet mince that is carp quality or fried up etc, I'm talking truly natural, as in raw meat, vegies etc...

    Any feedback re amounts given, tips for preparing it, that sort of stuff would be great!

    My dog is on Pro Plan, as that's what the breeder has always had him on. He is apparently allergic to dairy foods, but I would hazard a guess that it could also possibly be the gluten in the dry food.
    I have always preferred natural diets for my dogs and am seriously thinking of changing him over to what I prefer, and what I think he would prefer too. Lol.


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    Hey Devil .. Nice thread, I am sure you will get many varied responses.

    I will just throw in my 2 cents worth in relation to my pooches and those who i have and still look after. There's so many different elements to a 'natural diet' .. those that we buy from the shelves or the fridges in the supermarket (designed for dogs) and those (designed for humans). There will be heaps of different opinions; I'm not sure if you're talking about purchased pet foods or foods we prepare for our pooches from purchased products ... Anyways for me:

    * I integrate a mixed diet of purely home made stuff with commercially available food. I kinda don't want my dogs too reliant on one or the other. I think that sometimes helps if anyone ever has to look after your dogs;

    * Commercially, I mix a blend of 'wet' and 'dry' food - you can usually pick the crap ones by either the price or by reading the label. My 2 tend to like 4 legs and Clunkers, both in the cold section of the supermarket. I have never had problems with these. As with both wet and dry, cold and not cold .. you will get so many varied opinions. Just check out particular brands, websites, owner's validations etc etc;

    * I sometimes use tinned tuna which they love. I don't over feed them just one fish type, but mix it up with something of different texture and oils. I fish myself quite a lot but hate eating fish, but some fish I catch goes to the pooches. I sometimes give them raw fish and also sometimes mix in fish I really quickly BBQ - they're faves are Coral Trout and Barramundi. Ok ok, ridiculous! But any fish will do;

    * I often do a mix up of chicken, veggies and rice .. they love it! Don't be scared of frozen veggies, they are great, quick and are so easy to add to any meal you prepare for them. Left over chook that you don't eat the day before is cool here, rather than throwing it away. To make it a bit more palatable (if it wasn't already I usually add like a gravy or a stock which doesn't have any onion or nasty stuff in it. They seriously devour this like crazy dogs!

    * I give my 2 a dessert spoon or dollop of natural yoghurt a night .. it's kinda like their dessert. It's also great for their digestive system. Not sure about your pooches allergy so be careful about this .. maybe a tiny bit at first if you're unsure;

    * Carrots as a treat, or substitute for a bone. They love knawing on them!

    * Bones of course - get your local butcher on side and you'll be set for life. They will keep you the good stuff and not the crap they stick in the freezer! Check about bones of course .. after all the good advice from people here my pooches have grown to love lamb neck bones;

    * Fruit - in moderation. As with all 'different' types of food, try them out slowly and in small amounts. You don't wanna get a pooch with a tummy upset from something they're not used to. As you pointed out - certain breeders only rely on certain types of foods, or owners only grow their pooches on certain diets and introducing a completely different regime can sometimes cause some dramas .. so go easy.

    Well as with most topics there are thousands of things to suggest, these are just my few to throw in the mix. Let me know if you would like any more info or clarification on what I've written.

    Healthy diet pooch wishes to you and your man,

    SH, Lola n' Zep

    (Ps I just realised how long I made this .. my apologies!)

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    Hi DA..

    okies here's my input in regards to raw diet, sorry i cant answer any ? in regards to commercial dog foods as i don't feed it to Floyd.


    I feed Floyd a variety of different meals, all made by using fresh HC grade raw meats & vegies that i make up in 300grm lots & bag & freeze them, i defrost before i feed to Floyd..

    Floyd's weight varies at times 16.5-16.8 kilos & he is 16" tall at the withers

    I feed Floyd the following meals & feed raw in the morning & alternate different meals daily & i add 4 fish oil capulets to every meal morns & nights. Fish oils are fantastic in keeping coat very shiny, fur growth, skin moisturized & is full of omega – great for brain, joint, bone & cartilage health.

    Menu 1: 50% raw chicken mince, 20% spinach, 20% raw white beef tripe 10% mixed raw pureed vegies, 10% tomato puree & fresh parsley..

    Menu 2: 60% raw kangaroo mince, 20% spinach,10% mixed raw pureed vegies, 10% tomato puree & fresh parsley..

    Menu 3: 30% raw lamb mince, 30% raw beef mince 20% spinach,10% mixed raw pureed vegies, 10% tomato puree & fresh parsley..

    Floyds evening meals are light weight, either 1 @ 150grm can of sardines in olive oil or, 1 small tub of plain or fruit yoghurt..
    Floyds snack foods are either, fresh chicken necks (fed frozen in summer only) carrot sticks, apple slices, cheese, fruit puree ice blocks & he’s favourite fruit mango
    1 raw lamb neck or lamb shank given 1 x a week as the bones are more softer than beef knuckle bones & is less likely to damage teeth or splinter the intestines or cause bowel obstruction or constipation etc.

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    Thanks Southern Harmony and Aussie Floyd.

    I used to feed my dogs a lot of chicken as in necks and full carcasses. I'd give them eggs, (with shell of course) sardines in oil, and the meat I would always buy would be big chunky stuff, like mutton, brisket etc.

    For the Shepherds I liked the big pieces and really meaty bones so they could really rip into them for teeth cleaning and all that. I am having a problem finding that type of meat here in Tassie where I live. Lots of fine mince around, beef and chicken, but can't find slabs of good meat. Will keep looking.

    Anyone ever given natural seaweed? I used to give my dogs the powdered variety in Qld, but not sure what to do with it in it's natural form???

    I've always believed carrot is a great natural deterrent of intestinal worms. Don't know if I'm right or not, though! Lol.

    Just about to duck off and have dinner, so when I come back I will go through your replies at length and look at your different suggestions - and thanks.

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    Frosty helps herself to seaweed at the beach...

    If you want seaweed in a little bit more convenient form, you could get Nori from the Japanese/asian section of the supermarket. That's the stuff that nori maki sushi gets wrapped in. Yummy. I've occasionally fed rice crackers with nori in too, but they're a bit salty.

    I thought tomato was one of the things that was bad for dogs, possibly not in the same league as chocolate bad for dog but similar. As with walnuts and other things being bad. Which is ok by me cos I like the walnuts too much myself to share.

    Then again people write lists and put them on the web and they might be specific to their pet and not across the board to all dogs. Our old Australian Terror used to help herself to cherry tomatos off the bush.

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