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Thread: Penny Wants to Eat Some Worms....

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    Question Penny Wants to Eat Some Worms....

    Yes my gorgeous little girl is a worm eater....we go for our walk down the park and her nose is constantly to the ground sniffing for worms.

    Whats even funnier is that she is apparently fussing about which ones she Ollie has started doing it?

    Am wondering if earth worms and slugs are bad for her - is there something missing from her diet? This might explain the occasionaly runny poo that we still have......

    Does any one else's dog eat worms?

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    Yeah its completely safe Worms are full of protein!

    Its possible they're a bit bored of what they're currently eating. Try regurly changing their dry kibble or adding a few nibblies to their main meal.
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    Jenna doesn't eat worms but she loves other bugs, especially the big scarab type beetles. It makes me cringe but she just loves to crunch them up

    They don't seem to do her any harm but I have stopped putting the outside lights on, hoping not so many come to visit.
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    Frosty loves worms - to roll on. Fortunately for me, her aim is not very good. She puts nose to worm and then rolls so her nose is still where the worm is and the rest of her ecstatic upside down wriggling misses it.

    Not interested in eating slugs.

    Slugs that have access to snail bait are probably not good for dogs. Same with sluggish mice that have eaten ratsack - unless the poison is rendered neutral by digesting, I suspect not.

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