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Thread: Floyd's Vet Visit This Morn'n :(:(:(

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    My old girl Jess started to get cataracts...nothing was prescribed for her. She was getting old and she was still happy and healthy for an oldie

    With Floyd's over drinking and peeing...def something to be looked into. All the best to you and Floyd

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    aww big thankies to all, your warm thoughts & your kind words are very appreciative .....

    I'm feeling a bit better in knowing that Floyd's blood test came back all clear, sugar, proteins & cholesterol levels are just fine, NO DIABETES ....

    I asked for vet to carry out blood test on Floyd to ease my mind a little in regards to cataracts as diabetes can cause cataracts in dogs, the signs of diabetes can be weight gain, thirsty more than normal & excess pee'n.. Floyd has gain extra weight this month, 600grams & he has been drinking extra & pee'n heaps more, but even bladder, kidneys & urinary track/system is fine as he's protein levels are normal, so that's another relief for both Floyd & i...
    So now its just wait until we see canine eye specailist for opinion as to whether its viable to operate on "very early" stage of cataract or wait until further down down the tract etc. As for Floyd drinking more than normal over the last few days can be just nothing other than him being thirsty, so ill just keep an eye on him & monitor he's drinking habits.

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    Well thats great news about the blood tests!
    As for the eye problem, best wait to see what the specialist says.
    I wish you both the very best of luck.
    Big Hugs and Kisses to you both.XXOO

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    Ditto ^^^^^

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    Hi Aussie, I am by no meaning of the word an expert at dogs and their eyes; however I thought I might impart the story of my 8/9 year old rescue whippet. I had had Millie for about 6 months when I noticed a "clouding" over both her eyes, took her to the vet and of course asked whether it was cataracts. His response after looking and testing was (sorry can't remember exact words) that it was due to dirt and grit getting between the layers of the eye and rubbing away(in laymans terms). I asked whether that was basically cataracts and he said it would be like looking through the bottom of a glass - everything is slightly distorted but basically she can see enough to do what needs to be done. Now I am not saying that that is what is happening for you but I am saying don't give up hope and try to stay positive. Either way I hope you get the result you want and everything is fine for your pooch.

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    Hey AF
    Sorry to hear about Floyds eye probs.
    All you can do is wait and see what the specialist recommends. I know it's hard but try not to worry too much. Like you said it's at a early stage. Staffords are little toughies, even though they might not seem it while at the vets
    Good news about the blood results.
    to you both.

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    Thinking of you.

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