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Thread: The Ending

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    I was hoping like hell it was simply a lypoma(sp) but truth is i allready knew,I dont know how but i did. and I allready knew my course of action.
    My old dog has an extreamly aggressive mass cell tumor near his armpit, the vet wont touch it with good reason, being there is no point in doing so.

    Cutting it out with ultra wide margins means cutting out ribs etc, not much quality of life going on afterwards with that action.

    I am happy, my dog is happy, he will live as long as he does it could be weeks , months or years, when the tumor pops and ulcerates, and It will, i dont know when but allready he has no hair over the lump I will PTS my best mate within the hour, sure I could get the vet to remove the ulcer and close the hole up, give a course of antibiotics and he will live for a couple more months maybe, but Quality of my dogs life is most important to me, especially in his end days.

    He eats good food, sleeps soundly, goes down for a swim in the dam every day, barks at wallabies and birds, and is a very contented happy dog.

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    I am so sorry to hear this sad news! My thoughts are with you! Enjoy every moment you have together for a long as you can!

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    This is very sad news for you. What a shame. Good to hear he is still well in himself.

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    My thoughts are with you.

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    Beau im so sorry Just enjoy the time you have together, he sounds like one special little guy xx

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    Sorry to hear Beau, he was a good mate and certainly had a good life

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    I am so sorry. Love him while he is here. You sound like you've been a fabulous partner for him.

    Can I ask a quick question on the circumstances surrounding discovering the lump. What did it look like? What did it feel like? I understand if you don't want to though.
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    My peaceful thoughts go out to you mate .. I hope you find some happiness again when you look back over your pics and ponder those fabulous and funny memories of your time together. Sincerely, SH.

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    My heart is with you .

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    So sorry Beau.
    Wishing you all the strength there is.

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