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    I took my dog to the vet the other day, and she has yet again got mange, the vet says at her age, it could mean she has a dodgy immune system. 8( she is going bald, poor little bugger. I'm worried about walknig her, people might think I abuse her or something? Does anyone elses dogs have mange? Does it seem to affect their lives? or do they enjoy them just as much as any other dog? My dog seems to be normal in behaviour, Im just wondering if it gets worse or something? Any tips on helpnig keepeing her looking as normal as possible?
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    How old is she?

    Demodex is caused by demodectic mites that burrow into the skin. All dogs have a mite or two on them and the dog's natural immune system ensures they stay in low numbers. In dogs with weak or compromised immune systems, the mites can and do, multiply quickly.

    Dogs that are young, old and ill are suseptible.

    If your dog has generalised demodectic mange as a pup they will usually have the problem again later in life and regularly.

    Dogs with mange are usually treated with ivermectin. Is your dog on any treatment?
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    Everything that Anne said

    Also her diet ?
    What is she being fed at the moment?
    Perhaps her diet is lacking which is in turn compromising her system. It wont fix this outbreak but could strengthen her against further attacks .
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    Like they said.

    Stress can also cause re-occurrence of mange. The Bayer product Advocate controls demodectic mange well. It is cheaper to buy online than from your local store. Well worth it anyway, simple to use and effective.

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    She is on medicine, forget which type, but it looks to have slowly turned the mange around. She is 13 months old. I reckon it was her diet which helped her poor condition to a degree, we had her on canned food. Now I've started cooking her up roo meet, with vegies and stuff instead. 8)
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