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Thread: Runny Poo..does This Sound Familiar

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    Thanks for all the information eveyone. I am really fussy about what I feed my puppies, my partner thinks they eat better than we do. I don't buy anything with preservatives and they have a little dry food with mostly fresh cooked food. I do admit tho' I don't cook it myself - I buy it. On Sunday before we had this episode with bloody poo Penny had had quite a few training treats and one of those compressed bone things - would rich foods like this exacerbate something like colitis?

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    Hey There .. As I said earlier, I'm not an expert so I get really nervous talking about diets for dogs with undiagnosed conditions and just symptoms .. so please, please only take what I say as just information that you can go and verify for yourself.

    My understanding of intestinal issues (such as Colitis.. and we don't know your Penny has Colitis) is that fat in foods and the digestibility of foods can be 2 of the key factors to look at. In terms of the bones you mention, I would guess they are high in fat, but I don't know what bones they are? I would definitely suggest talking to your Vet about dietary needs as I suggested in the last post - I still feel this will be one of the first treatments a Vet will consider if any type of intestinal issues are identified.

    If it was me and my dog absolutely needed to have some form of a bone to keep them in 'routine' and happy (in the meantime) then I would look at something more like a Dental type bone - dentabones etc - which are less appealing for a dog because of their lower fat, lower taste .. but great for just the chewing action which dogs love.

    Just a few ideas .. Keep us posted.

    Pats for Penny!

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