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    Hi I'm brand new to the forum and was wondering whether anyone could help me with my dog Hope. He is a ten year old Maltese X Lhasa - Apso and has been having seizures which result in his back legs being paralysed and they usually last between 30 and 45 mins. They started two years ago and occured on average every 5 months and my vet advised me to monitor them. Recently Hope had 3 seizures in the space of two weeks and my vet prescribed Phenomav 30g (Phenobarbitone) quater of a tablet twoce daily. Hope became very drowsey and unable to jump of the bed or go down stairs, which he easily do before.

    My vet then reduced the dosage of the meds to a quater of a tab once daily. Hope now is less drowsey and can jump normally and has not had another seizure, however he licks his lips incessantly for periods of 30mins at a time. He also now shivers for about 30mins and jerks his head suddenly towards the cieling as if something is there, but there is not. In between siezures he is still as lively and playfull as ever.

    My vet has said that there is something wrong with Hope's brain it is obtunded and his best guestimate is that Hope has GME (I have been advised that GME is usually diagnosed after other conditions i.e Addisons disease has been ruled out.)

    Can anyone please help with any ideas of what this could be? Does anoyone know of any specialists in the Perth area that could help us? Any help is really appriciated as i'm very worried because I won't be able to help him until i know exactly what to do. Happy for any suggestions because he means the world to me.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I can be of no help, sorry but I can send a hug of support. I as well as others know how we worry about our dogs when they are ill.

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    The Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital has a very good reputation. According to some of my doggy friends in WA it is the best place to go for specialist care.

    Hope they can do something for your poor little man. Good luck.

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    Hi, I have a fair whack of experience with seizures given that I have an epilpetic 7 year old Pug. Monte has cluster seziures (usually an average of 4-5 within 60 minutes).

    Your dogs seizures though sound like they are related to a specific condition. The licking is also a manifestation of seizure activity I would say.

    Monte is also on Phenobarbital but he has 60mg twice a day plus he is on another drug called Potassium Bromide. He still has seizures though.

    Their body will get used to the pheno and the weakness and drowsiness will lessen over a 3 month period so my advice would be to stick with it if you can, but ALWAYS under the supervision of your Vet.
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