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    I'm wanting advice cause now Tilly is blind we've been finding her toys that are good for noise example like with bells, whistles or rattles in them. However most toys like that are puppy toys and she's not a puppy and usually wont touch them.

    And other toys are too loud for her and she's scared of the really loud squeaky ones that you push down on to make the noise. But rattles seem to be good its just the balls that come with them are either too expensive, too hard for her and she doesn't like them.

    So for activities sake and her happiness what would you recommend? she loves balls. I've gotten her rubber ones with a slight bounce as we can't throw them very far obviously.

    Can I make balls? do I have to be careful what I put in it? I know I'd look out for toxic ingredients and chocking hazards but what I'm wondering is any other member ever made their own toys for a disabled/blind dog?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Jess and furbabies

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    Hi Nessie

    I got my puppy dog an everlasting fun ball - they come in different sizes so you could get one the right size for your dog. I think mine is the small one - about the size of a tennis ball but squishier.

    Interactive treat dispensing toys for dogs

    You can put kibble inside it and that makes it rattle which my puppy dog finds very attractive. And she hasn't managed to destroy it like most other toys she's had.

    My local RSPCA sells them, and one of my local pet supplies stores. Supermarkets don't seem to have them. They are expensive but given how durable they are, I think it's worth it. Though they do seem to disappear in jungle type gardens. I really must do some dedicated weeding to find ours.

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