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Thread: Worried About Bessie

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    A dog won't starve itself to death normally. I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. She may just need time to settle before her appetite kicks in and she may just be a dog that isn't a a Pug.

    Keep offerign her dinner and breakfast (or whatever you normally feed) and take it away after 10 minutes if she doesn't eat it. Encourage her to drink water too.
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    If Bessie is healthy and new to your household, it may be the previous owners have trained her to be a fussy eater. She will soon come around to the food you are offering if this is the case. Or maybe she has found another food supply. Probably not as it sounds like you are a very attentive owner but always worth checking!

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    I cant help but jsut wanted to say saw the pics and Bessie is so cute! Her and Dolly look fab together and am sure they are going to be best mates Hope she (Im sure she will) settle in the coming weeks

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    when we picked up gyps she didnt have an appetite until we drenched with a good strong drench (ivermectin) then it picked up big time!!! parasites suppress the dogs appetite so maybe give that a try, but it could be just nerves as well!!

    oh happy to report in just under 4 months my shep has gone from a horrible 21kgs to 28kgs!!=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Well it turns out Bessie just doesn't like dog food LOL
    I gave her two raw chicken thigh fillets tonight and she's scoffed them down no worries.
    Good news. I hope Dolly got some too.

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