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Thread: A Set Back for Tilly

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    Default A Set Back for Tilly

    Well some of you may remember awhile ago Tilly had glaucoma and had to have an eye removed. It sadly did not turn out well, but she is a lot more settled now. She had the first eye removed and for the first two weeks she seemed to be recovering well. But then one night she'd lost all sight completely and we rushed her to the after hours vet and he put drops in and then we were rushed through on an emergency appointment to see the specialist but the diagnosis wasn't good. Her glaucoma measured above 60 and was causing her a lot of pain.

    So her second eye was taken out but she has astounded me with how well she was coping without her sight. We were all heartbroken thinking that she'd have no life at all. But she's getting around great and not even 13 days after the operation she was chasing after her ball!

    Here is a photo of Tilly after her operation

    And here is the one before her operation

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    Poor little Tilly...what a trooper she is and such a cutie! Isn't it amazing how well they cope?
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    we were more concerned with about how much pain she was in cause she just wasn't right when the glaucoma affected her second eye. She wouldn't eat much and was depressed too. So we thought rather than try to save her sight which was almost pointless by the low percentage of results we'd make her comfortable.

    She's really impressed the vets even because it hasn't been long since the operation really. She must have a mental map of the back yard and stuff, its just sad when its like she forgets she can't see and gets super confident and excited chasing after her ball and bumps into things.

    She hasn't got the gates or doors yet but other things she's worked out pretty well ^^

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    Oh poor Tilly.

    Good luck girl, who needs eyes anyway!
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    Thanks Aussie ^^ she's been the best little patient too she hardly ever complains and she's the only dog I know who actually gets excited going to the vets, she literally pulls on the lead to see him lol

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    Nessie, at least she's no longer in pain. Keep us posted on her progress. You'll find she will soon be almost the same as before Poor little Tilly.

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    Sorry to hear about Tilly but I think you did the right thing if she was in pain. It sounds like she is coping really well which is fantastic. Tilly
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    Thanks you guys yeah took her to the vet today for her check up and she is going great. Looks like we have to cut back on the treats cause she's started to put on a bit of weight lol but not too badly. That was the only main thing the vet said so its going well for her I think.

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