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Thread: First Aid Advice for Dogs

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    Di Dee I would not hesitate to use it on myself, I have seen it bring dogs back who were unconscious, eyes rolled back and glazed, even though it will not stop them crashing if the snake was a brown snake, it will give you time to get to a vet/doctor if bitten, it can do no harm.
    Many city vets will not recommend it but ours use it and recommend it, mind you in many cases it saves the pet owner many hundreds of dollars maybe some vets have that in mind as well!

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    Default general information

    hey this is really informative website and i found this forum the best one...
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    i think by this our information can enhance and we will find this site the best one for our pets too

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    So good to have especially in the community we live in with no emergency vet in town.

    Thanks heaps.

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    Thanks for that timely reminder re DRABC for our beloved pets . I had to perform CPR on my late 12 year old shar pei when she choked on a piece of meat. My hands got badly chewed prior to her losing consciousness. she survived and I ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics for three days. I wouldnt have changed a thing tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty View Post
    Thanks for that, hope I don't need it but great to have it if I do.
    This advice was given to me when I rang the vet for a cat that was bitten by a brown snake and totally flat and out of it when she collapsed after staggering half way up the hall. As she was fine half an hour before, the speed of this suggested a brown which we have around here. I also had an hour's drive to the vet. He saw her said not much hope but he could give her antiveneme for $750 a hit. This was done and years later she is still with me.

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    yes these are very useful tips thanks for sharing.

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    And no one tells you about all the snot when you mouth to nose a dog during CPR
    But.....The dog lived and i pewked
    Pets are forever

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    I've got a really cool First Aid app in my iphone. It's got a lot of info.
    If you want to check it out:

    Pet First Aid

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    What will you do if your dog is having seizures? What first aid move will you do?
    Border Collies are like potato chips, you really can't have just one…

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    Dang....i cant get that first link in the original post to work. Is it just me ?

    Anyway , Mojo's becoming a real shocker for swallowing bones and other foods without chewing them much or at all so i thought i'd suss out what to do if he does choke and i found this so i thought i'd post it up if anyone else is interested. I really hope no one ever needs it but ya never know.

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