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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.....
    I took our Beagle to the vet just over a week ago, and when we were leaving he started to limp in his back right leg. The vet had a look and couldn't find anything and thought it may go away in a couple of days as it came on so suddenly. He returned to the vet a couple of days later (for a completely different matter), I was told that there didn't seem to be much wrong with his knee and it may be in his hip possibly requiring x-rays to confirm. As he had been on corticosteroid tablets from the first visit, the limp wasn't too bad. However as the tablets were reduced to alternate days, the limp got worse. A return visit to the vet (who took a more detailed look at his leg) said it was one of the ligaments in his knee and he would need a knee reconstruction if it doesn't improve over the next two weeks. This vet also stated that it is a degenerative problem despite the quick onset occurring in their practice!
    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what maybe going on and whether I should seek another opinion or take the word of the vets he has seen over the past week?


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    Hi there, welcome to the forums. I would get the xrays done as a precaution, just to make sure there is no lasting damage done. Do you trust your vet? If not it is best to find one that you can trust and will help with your dog.

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    Hey i would take him to another vet and get another opinion it seems like he may of hurt his leg whilst at the vet in which case their not going to say that there is a problem to save their reputation.

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    Default Limping Beagle

    Well from what your vet is saying is that there is an anterior cruciate
    ligament (ACL) rupture that needs surgery. When this happens, then all the joints of the affected limbs are affected. Typically a ‘drawers’ sign can be felt if there is a ACL rupture.
    Below 10 kilograms, plastering the leg may be of help. Above this surgery is the only option.
    Just read about it on the net for more information. A second opinion is always the best option but go to a specialized ortho vet if possible.

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