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Thread: Help on Cushing's Disease - What to Do

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    Default Help on Cushing's Disease - What to Do

    hi there,
    recently, my vet suspected that my 10 (almost 11) year old maltese has cushing's disease. he has major hair loss and he's very lethargic however he doesn't appear to be in any pain. test results indicate it's highly likely he has cushing's, hypothyroidism and a heart murmur (among other things) was also discovered. to improve/maintain quality of life i undoubtably sought out treatment options and have discovered these can be very expensive and may be potentially harmful. i don't know if i have any other options. my vet has advised it may be best to not treat him.. but it pains me to think my dog's health will continually deteriorate before me and i don't want to eventually be forced to make that decision..
    any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    Hi Estelle,
    Sorry to read of your little dogs ill health but he is eleven and no matter which course of action you take, his health will deteriorate and , like us all, you will have to face making that awful decision. Try and look on it as being there for him and helping him when his time eventually comes.
    If he were mine I would be wanting to make what life he has left comfortable and would be putting him on any medications that will achieve this. The final decision is yours but be guided by your Vet.

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    Hey Estelle,

    Looks to me like so far he's not in great pain.
    If your dog is almost 11, I wouldn't say that he died terribly young.

    If what you are getting at is whether or not to put your dog down, I can not answer that. That is something that you alone have to make the decision. Talk about it with your vet and discuss whether he will just be living in pain. Since you say he is not in pain I would not do it just yet.

    Spend some good time with your dog over the next six months and honestly, you will know when the time comes.

    Good Luck,
    Busta the apricot poodle x spaniel

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    Thank you both so much for your advice. Since his recent diagnosis, I’ve decided to go ahead with treatment. My vet was advising against treatment as it ‘may not be worthwhile considering his age and the costs..’ that advice was confusing me because regardless of age, I know he deserves the best possible quality of life and not treating him would lead to pain which he is currently not experiencing and eventually lead me to have to make the dreaded decision of putting him down. Fortunately I am now being guided by a different vet who is very supportive and knowledgeable and providing the necessary treatment plan. I know the time will eventually come when I have to say goodbye but atleast I now feel I am doing everything possible to help him.
    Thanks again

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    Cushings can be managed successfully. I'm glad you have a supportive vet. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, whenever you feel you need to.

    You and your Vet need to be in close communication as you will know best when your dog is feeling better and if something isn't quite right with him. Best of luck to you both.

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