Hello Everyone

My little Penny is recovering really well from kennel cough. She has been with us just under two weeks and we only occassionally have a cough and its nowhere near as bad as it was...her cough mixture was a god-send, especially for me

I have noticed though over the past few days she is waking up really snuffley. Also in the morning when I see her and at night when I come home she is very sneezey also. I mentioned all this to the vet and they didnt seem all that concerned.

My questions are - could it still be the kennel cough, ie the morning snuffles and the cough? I have also heard that dogs sneeze when they are excited - is this true? If it was allergy wouldnt she be sneezy all the time?

In the morning she will start sneezing and will only stop when we are half way around the park. The park is full of beautiful flowering natives and fresh cut grass so I would have though if it was allergy she would just keep on sneezing....ta....