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Thread: Juvenile Pubic Symphsiodesis

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    Default Juvenile Pubic Symphsiodesis

    Hi again.

    Following on from Moningo's post on the general dog forum I am very concerned about Jenna. She is currently not showing any symptoms of Hip dysplasia but she is only 4 months so that's not much to go on. I am seeing a specialist Orthopedic vet Friday morning with a view to doing PennHIP x-rays and, depending on what these show up, doing the Juvenile Pubic Symphsiodesis proceedure to try to help prevent further problems.

    I know this is a relatively new proceedure and have spent hours this morning researching it on the net, not just here is Oz but in USA also. The results appear to be encouraging but then I read Dogsavy's post about interfering with puppy's hips before they have chance to settle down and I just don't know what to do for the best. The JPS proceedure has to be done before 20 weeks to be effective so I can't take the 'wait and see' attitiude. Other proceedures done later in life are much more invasive surgery with restricted exercise times and higher mobidity rates than with the JPS. I guess I will see what the vet says tomorrow and keep you posted.
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    Yes, please keep us informed. You know what is best to do.

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