Ok, I will warn you know, don't read this if you are about to eat

You all must think I am pretty naive when it comes to dogs. Well I tell you I am learning fast. This morning we went for a walk. Get down to the park, nice solid poo...yes we all enjoy that in the morning, dont we. Well half way around the park, we had a little runny poo...nothing major. Penny's appeitite is massive, eats everything in seconds flat and this hasnt changed today. Tonight, we go for another walk, because its nice and light in Melbourne at the moment, make the most of it I say! Get to the Park and we go do another poo, this one however is a bit runny, skinny and about 15cm long

Picture this if you will. I am a grown woman in my forties, chasing 2 JRT X around the park, on a double lead (or double adapter as my dearest one refers to it) to catch the pooy stringy thing hanging from her bum, with a black poo bag on the end of my hand .

We then do a nice clear runny poo. I am thinking worms - would explain her appetite and possibly, her emaciated rear end....anyone got any thoughts?

She has been wormed twice over the past month.....hopefully there is no more!

Enjoy your dinner......