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Thread: Leo Back from the Vet This Afternoon

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    and getting a cuddle from daddy. Cause you know... lots of cuddles help to heal a sore foot/nail

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    aww poor Leo, its looks quiet raw when they rip the outer layer of nail hey, but don't worry to much as the outer layer does grow back quiet fast, luv how Leo is soaking up daddy's sympathy cuddles

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    Poor baby!
    Sending sloppy kisses from Misi & Lola (&me)
    Hope it heals quickly.
    Great photo too!

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    Thanks AF & Mags. Looking a bit better again today, a bit more white and no so red. LOL yup, he LOVES his daddy, his is SUCH a daddys boy! (But every night at 10pmish when his tired he becomes a mummys boy, just like all babys really, always want mummy when tired/want cuddles & kisses )

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    Poor leo.... but I am glad it is looking better with every day.... And with all these hugs he has probably all forgotten about it already

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