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Thread: Arthritis Preventatives??

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    Talking Arthritis Preventatives??

    We have a 7yr old Border Collie/Jack Russell cross who is extremely smart and highly active. He runs everywhere, and only stops to sleep or eat. He even comes out on bush rides with us and our horses!! He is very fit and a good healthy weight (11.5kg) for his size and breeding.

    I have noticed he occassionally gets a sore paw, and is non-weight bearing for a day or two, and then he comes good again. I sense he has early signs of carpel arthritis already, so I have put him onto Canine Technyflex tablets.

    I am wanting to keep him and his joints healthy so he can stay active. Can anyone suggest other treatments, supplements or nutritional advice that may help also??

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    We have had rave reviews about our shark cartilage and shark cartilage biscuits, our ten year old Schipperke is behaving like a two year old again and several other old dogs have a new lease on life after using the products!!! You can see the products at

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    Hello and welcome I have our 10 yo lab on sasha's blend powder. He has a small amount of his back end.
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    I have 6.5 year old lab with some arthritis and i was told to give her some green lipped mussels...might be worth a try....she has only been on them a few days.....

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    I've got all my dogs on glucosamine (MSM & chondroin) joint powder formula. Mish is nearly 12 & is kicking on terrifically. When the 2 young 'uns growth plates filled out, I started them on the powder as well. A teaspoon in their food once a day.

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