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    Hey everybody!

    I've had my puppy for 2 weeks and yesterday my cat scratched her eyeball. We have taken her to the vet and have antibiotics and eye cream, but she has a bit of cloudyness on here eyeball, just in the top corner. We are worried that she could go blind or lose her eye, even though the vets have said she shouldn't. Anybody had any experience with this before?

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    I have only just recently had a Pug with a scratch to the eyeball from my MIL's cat. The eye remained cloudy for approximately a week before it was noticeable that it was beginning to clear.

    Like you, we sought immediate Vet attention and this saved further damage to the eye.

    It has been about 5 weeks now since it happended and she has been re-homed. When I re-homed her 2 weeks ago, you could barely tell she had ever been scratched and it was quite nasty originally.
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    I had this myself!! I bent down and a big stem of grass went straight into my eyeball and scratched it. It healed itself after a week. Gees it hurt though!!!
    15 yrs later...I still have great vision

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    I had a pekinese many years ago who was scratched in the eye by a cat. Her eye was stitched closed and after 2 weeks it had healed completely.
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