Hello again guys.

Thought I'd start this new thread On diet.

Firstly I just want to say that I have never fed commercial tinned or rolled food to any of my dogs. I do feed royal canin junior dry kibble but it is expensive and and not ashamed to say hurts the hip pocket at $54 for 4kg bag. Just wondering if anyone else does feed royal canin and can confirm its price tag worthiness? The only reason I have selected royal canin is that Zeus was on it (yes even more ouchies on the hip pocket considering how much he ate being so big as he was) and we got 14 healthy and happy years with Zeus with no bone, growth, skin, stool or digestive issues. Where as the supermarket brands would always make him stink to high heavens to the point that his farts got him banned from the house.

Now when we had Zeus and Jake for the most part of their lives we lived on a horse property at Beaudesert and we're lucky to have a neighbour who breed, grew and slaughtered her own beef, pork and chicken so we had a constant supply of straight off the farm fresh meat for the dogs. My partner also used to help the local rural military base (Canungra) with off loading things like roo tails etc as he Roos were considered a pest there and were routinely culled. (No squawking about that please, wasn't my doing, and yes dogs were always kept up to date with worming)
Now we live back in suburbia and have no such luck with neighbours bringing over garbage bags full of left overs

So now although Max is still getting the royal canin, his meaty meals are from Coles. They include lamb and beef heart, chicken necks and wings, chicken giblets, beef cheeks and marrow bones. All fed raw. All bought and fed within 24hours (yes I go to Coles or the butchers just about every day)

Now I'm confused tho with regards to the chicken wings and necks. Remember I never feed them cook. Only raw. Max chews carefully and doesn't gulp them. I've always fed raw chicken carcasses, wings and necks and never had a problem but After some conversations I'm now worried that they COULD pose a risk??

Does anyone have opinions on this? Also what else should I be giving Max. He has taken everything I've mentioned, pooing well twice a day and stools are easy for him to pass but solid enough to pick up without any gross sloping around. He is putting on weight well, not too much but noticeably growing well and in proportion. I never feed enough to make his tummy physically bloat instead I am feeding him still on around 3-4 smaller meals a day.

I also read articles that suggest putting green tea in dog water once or twice a week but have yet to venture there, if anyone else has heard of or does do this please let me know. Another suggestion from the vet was to give Max 1/2 teaspoon of yakult once a day.... Still something I haven't done.... Any advise or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!