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Thread: Atopica to treat allergies - any experiences to share?

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    Default Atopica to treat allergies - any experiences to share?

    Hi. Our vet has suggested we try atopica to treat our dogs allergies, after cortisone and antihistamines have not helped.. I'm just started researching the web to get some more info about side effects, etc.. I'm a bit concerned why regular blood tests would be required if atopica is better for our pup than cortisone etc..? Would appreciate hearing anyone's experiences with pets taking this medication... Many thanks

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    I did a search and came up with this link:

    Is Atopica Safe For Dogs? - Dogs Naturally Magazine

    The list of side effects would be the reason for the requirement for regular blood tests. I would not give this stuff to any of my pups. The cure sounds much worse than the problem !

    Some questions:

    What breed is your pup ? How old ? What do you feed your pup on ?

    All the problems I had in the past with this sort of thing - sorting out what you put in or on your pup - can sort out allergy type problems.

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