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Thread: Enduro brand dog food?

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    Default Enduro brand dog food?

    Hey guys haven't been here in a while but again I find myself needing some help.

    I can't find Enduro dog food. I love it, the dogs love it, they keep the weight on easily and they are healthier than ever. It's hands down the best food I've found for them that doesn't put me out of pocket (lookin' at you, Iams).

    I only know one place in the Brisbane region that stocks it (or did last time I went there) - Goodna Produce. Does anyone know if there are ANY other places to get it in Brisbane? I like to have a few sources for a favourite product, and since getting into an argument with my old produce store, I want to reduce the chance of that happening again.

    This stuff is kibbled gold to me and my collies so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    - Striker

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    Maybe this will be a start for you.

    Enduro Dog Food Masterkarn Aust - The Pet Directory Australia - Dogs - World's largest online pet directory

    Rochedale Produce, Pet and Garden Supplies - New Products and News

    This company also producers it (?) – but may be old info:

    Petco Australia Pty Ltd
    C/o Buranda Commercial Centre
    250 Ipswich Road
    Buranda Queensland
    Australia 4102

    mobile: 0402 309 558
    phone: (07) 3391 7884
    fax: (07) 3891 1556

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    The brookfield produce store has lots of interesting stuff. The stuff they have that I miss here, is "lamb moisties" treats - sort of like boutique smackos.

    I don't know if they have enduro anything but you could always ring - unless that's the mob you argued with.

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