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Thread: wobbly back end? - could it be "coonhound paralysis"?

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    Default wobbly back end? - could it be "coonhound paralysis"?

    Coonhound paralysis - Dogslife. Dog Breeds Magazine

    Acute Canine Idiopathic Polyneuropathy (ACIP), also know as Coonhound paralysis or polyradiculoneuritis, which is a common cause of acute polyneuropathy — a serious, unpredictable and potentially life-threatening neurological disorder that occurs when many nerves throughout the body malfunction simultaneously.

    Unfortunately, the confirmed cause of Coonhound paralysis is unknown and so far nothing can be done to prevent it. The good news is that recovery is possible but it’s not easy
    Signs of Coonhound paralysis

    Because Coonhound paralysis is an acute condition, symptoms often appear suddenly. Initially, the dog will show signs of weakness of the hindquarters and change of voice or loss of bark. The disease progresses over several days and can lead to total paralysis of all four limbs, loss of muscle tone and, as it progresses, muscle wasting

    So it looks like a paralysis tick but there's no tick or a slipped disk but there's nothing wrong with the spine on xray...

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    The vet is 99% sure that this is what Roxy had..

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