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Thread: Side effects of eating stainless steel mesh? -help

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    Our 10month old belgian shepherd puppy has developed allergies over the last four months or so.. The vet thinks it is grass related, and prescribed cortisone.. I don't think that this is particularly helping.. I am looking at natural remedies, as well as possible triggers...

    Our pup is in to everything.. With our house, we have a stainless steel mesh barrier (termi mesh) which is exposed in parts.. One section in particular (outside under our back verandah), I have noticed our pup has been eating away at it.. I'm now frantically searching the internet to see if this could be a cause for the itching. I have read that it is chemical free, pet and child safe, but I don't know if that extends to ingesting?... . I plan on following this up with the company, and vet, but would welcome any feedback!!

    Many thanks

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    Stainless steel has some very exotic chemicals in it - that as component ingredients would be extremely toxic but the whole point of stainless steel - is it doesn't react with stuff easily - it's one reason we make culterly out of it (knives, spoons, forks). So not likely to have toxic reactions with your dog's gut if it eats it. But about as comfy as eating rocks or splinters ie - could cause gut perforation or blockage if it has actually swallowed some not just chewed it a bit.

    You might want to get some things that are safer for puppies to chew on like whole beef shin bones (note - mine as a 6 month old could make splinters out of a cut marrow bone tho not the knobbly end bit, as long as it was whole pretty much). Or cows hoofs, or deer antlers (note these might be hard enough to break dogs adult teeth). Mine also munched on a lot of rope toys which I think removed a lot of her baby teeth. Eating bits of those didn't seem to do any lasting damage but you never know.

    I deal with grass allergy by stopping my dog from sunbaking on the grass. I peg a tarp out and put a towel on top of that, weight the corners down with 2 litre milk cartons with water in (tho your puppy might eat those) and encourage her to lie on that.

    You might want to make or buy some puzzle toys for your dog too.

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    Thanks for your reply.. We have blocked off the grass, and bring him inside when mowing etc.. We took him to the vet, he's now on antibiotics and cortisone tablets to hopefully get the infection/itch under control.. As other attempts haven't worked, vet is suggesting atopica.. I'm trying to do some research on this medication.. Do you gave any experience/info u can share? Much appreciated..

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    When my dog had allergy problems years ago I got a referral to a vet who specialised in allergies and they were able to test her for a range of allergens and find out exactly what she was allergic to. They then made up a desensitisation medication that was injected into her over a period of time. One of her main allergins was fleas, just one flea would set her off. She also had a grass allergy. Fortunately the newer flea medications were just coming onto the market at the time. So with a combination of the desensitisation program and better flea control products she became free of all the itching.

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