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Thread: Skin Conditions - advice please!

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    Default Skin Conditions - advice please!

    Hi everyone,

    My beautiful staffy cross (6 years old) has recently developed a skin condition - we suspect it is Atopy but have been unable to get this confirmed by any vet.

    Just over a year ago he started scratching at his ear which resulted in a haematoma, requiring surgery.

    Since then he has started scratching more and more, mostly at his ears and feet and more recently dry patches have appeared on his back and tail. His once beautiful and shiny coat is a complete mess - I would have said he looks mangy but tests at the vet did not find any evidence of mange.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? We have just swithced to wheat free food and tried bathing the affected skin areas in salt water but nothing really seems to be working.

    Wondering whether anyone in Perth knows of a vet who specialises in skin conditions as vets we have visited so far seem to dismiss it as "just one of those things" and told us we just have to put up with it however to poor boy is clearly suffering.

    Any advice on vets, food, shampoo, treatments would be very much appreciated. For what it's worth condition does seem to be worse in the hot weather.


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    Hi Tigerdog,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Can't help you with the vet. I don't live anywhere near Perth, but someone else might be able to.

    With my dog - it's mostly down to her fondness for rolling and belly dragging in the kikuyu lawn I have in the back yard. The better job I do of keeping her skin off that, and at the park... the less rash she gets in summer.

    My friend's dog - it's red food dye (derived from beetles?) - so no more goodos or supercoat or beneful for her.

    There's lots of threads in here about food and what to feed to minimise allergies. An elimination diet can be the most reliable way to work out what she can safely eat - but it won't work if she's allergic to the grass.

    I don't shampoo my dog very often - but when I do I use J&J baby shampoo and conditioner. But mostly she swims in the sea and then gets hosed off and dried after.

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    Maybe try Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital
    Somewhere read a post Augustine the boxer? Some product that may be in the area of interest. Cant quite recall.
    I have no personal experience of the product.
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    Get a skin scraping or even a biopsy and have it sent to a laboratory. You would be surprised what infections can crop up and that way the right medication can be given not just bomb the dog with tablets as tends to happen. 6 years with no problems and then suddenly starting means there is either something new in the environment causing irritation (think of if you have purchased something new like a cleaner or detergent) a new plant or the dog has suddenly come up with an infection. I would do a full blood panel too including thyroid.

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