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Thread: Rottweiler lame in hind 2 legs

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    Hi 'Googleeye' - Congratulations to the new little girl.

    Very sorry to read what happened to their previous precious pup !

    I put this up on another thread.

    Some suggestions for you to help minimise the chances of hip and elbow problems:

    1. Buy a pup from a registered, pedigreed and ethical breeder who health tests their dogs before breeding them.
    2. Grow these pups slowly. Feed good quality food to the pup. Raw is best.
    3. Keep the pup on the lean side rather than carrying too much weight.
    4. Structured exercise sessions no more than 5 minutes per birth month. By structured exercise – I mean the ‘thumping the pavement’ type.
    5. Be cautious of pups jumping and no running around in the house like a ‘loon’. Tiles and wooden floors are treacherous for young pups.
    6. Every injury your pup has to their joints – particularly in the first 12 months – increases their chances of joint and arthritic problems later on in their life.
    7. Don’t de-sex the pup until at least 18 – 24 months.
    8. NO playing fetch with a moving ball. I really don’t like seeing young pups chasing moving balls. They can be too easily hurt and damaged by the repetitious nature of this wonderful ‘game of fetch’.

    I came across this on my FB newsfeed and thought it would be appropriate here:

    X-ray Picture of a 2 Weeks Old Puppy | Important information regarding treating and feeding puppies ~ Dogs & Puppies

    Yes, the pup is only 2 weeks old – but look at the growing this pup has to go through before everything is set in place !

    Good Luck and I hope you find the above information useful !

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    This is the link to the study on bone development and early desex.

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