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Thread: Do You Give Your Dog Fish Oil ?

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    Since I stopped giving mine fish oil more Diarrhoea so I'll stick with the sardines.
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    I use cold water slamon oil for mine, which is in capsules and/or a bottle. I use it as a preventative for my newfies. And for us, the people too. I know when i stop using it it makes a great difference to me. it has anti-inflammatory action and is also blood thinning, hence we ask patients to stop it pre-procedures, We also supplement Vit E and Glucosmine. i think it is why i have nearly eight year old newfies that fly around carting, swimming and do agility. As to the not giving extras, if my dogs lived where they came from originally they would be eating a lot of fish, either fed fish heads, or catching their own (as my katy does with trout and Koi) We do not feed our dogs naturally, a lot of the food we feed our dogs is just rubbish (sorry) We feed RAW at home, some fruit and veg (small amount and lots of mety bones and meat chunks.Plenty of fish if available. It is not so much what your dog looks like now, but how they will be ehwn older. We use a muffin tin for dispensing all our tablets, eight of us if you count the two great. We also add Ester C (Vit C) as we do not vaccinate as much as others, we titrate and hardly ever worm as we do faecal counts and don't need it
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