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Thread: PennHip and Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis

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    Sorry to hear your pup may have HD...I myself have never had this with my three GSDs so I can't help you.

    Did you contact the breeder...what was their response ? Is the breeder a member of the GSDL ? Did you see the Hip scores of both...did it say at the top... The German Shepherd Dog Council Of Australia Ink Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme ?

    If the specialist says HD...I would take the pup back and demand my money back and go elsewhere because I do know HD is very expensive to fix and no one wants that.
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    Sadly an extensive screening program by the breeder will significantly reduce the incidence of HD but wont entirely eliminate the problem. A breeder I know screens all her dogs before they are bred and in her contract of sale of her puppies they all have to have hip scores done for the breeders information. Most of these dogs are working dogs too so are really put to the test. So she has an extensive data base on her lines and all her puppies. Even after this intensive screening program a friend's dog from this breeder had HD diagnosed when the dog was screened. In this case there was really no fault on the breeders part and my friend knows this, it was just unlucky.

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