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Thread: Cheapest dried dog food that is grain free, for a giant breed in Australia?

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    Default Cheapest dried dog food that is grain free, for a giant breed in Australia?

    Hi folks, daughters wedding is in 2 months. Brian's diet is going to have to be changed.
    I want grain free dried food for the summer (less flies)
    He'll have 1 meat bone per day.

    Im currently paying $15 for 3kg. At wollies.
    Does anyone know of other grain free options.

    Brian is in a large extended family of dogs, so expensive has got to go. Vet fee's are about to soar, as he is losing weight rapidly. somethings wrong.
    Diet needs to be: effective for recovery nutrition wise.

    I have thought of Satin Balls. bernie will need these from time to time. Not so much now he's retired and can rest some.
    For those that use these, what would i need to remove? like does flax seed count as a grain for instance? Its so bloomin confusing?
    help anyone?

    Part 2.
    I am going overseas in May, time to plan. bernie (gsd) and pohm (rottie x bordeaux) will have my son in law house/dog sitting. I dont do kennels for my dogs.
    Brian hates son in law still. And i cant guarantee his safety around Brian, without me 'guiding' brian through each interaction. I accept this responsability. And would hate to think of my son in law getting injured.
    We attempted to rehome Brian last year. He didnt do so well, they thought. and was brought back within 4 hours or so.
    what would you recommend?

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    Maybe you could find a DDB breeder or someone through the DDB club that would be willing to take Brian on while you are away. Make sure you do a test day or weekend first (or several times).

    Otherwise - in Adelaide the RSPCA and the AWL do boarding - the dog might not be very happy but ought to be as safe as you can get there. Well actually they're not perfect but it's better than me leaving my dog at my brother's place and finding out she jumped his fence and got hit by a car - that's not going to happen at the RSPCA/AWL.

    Diet wise - I've got no idea. The only way you'd know which stuff is or isn't ok - is to do an elimination diet.

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    There is meals for mutts which is an aussie food. Conversely a home made diet of meaty bones with a mix of cooked veg, soaked oats from woolies and some homebrand tinned tuna works a treat getting weight on even on sheps. Its cheap but extremely effective.

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    I am taking him to a friends house, who owes me, 2 dog boarding occasions.
    But first, the intro's are this weekend.
    fingers crossed, or its kennels. he wont like that. But its a must that i must be at my daughters wedding in uk and cant take him. So kennels will be a last resort.

    Ive made up some patties, with ingredients above, emptied the fridge of eggs, some cheese, a snapper, tin of sardines for stink value. And BANG, he wolfed it in one gulp!
    He's finished his anti biotics and anti immflamatories. And there was no limp, then he came out for a walk and was limping. But i may of overdone the length of the walk, but a definate weakness in this joint. And arthritic in the back legs at 3yrs (ish) old. BYB came home to roost here i suspect.

    Brian's loving being able to babysit my grandson. Wherever babe is plonked, there he is, led down beside him watching over him. Leaving me to vacuum the room in peace. Baby is fascinated by Brian's face, and keeps smiling at brian. Its the humaness of the bordeaux chops i reckon. The two are fascinated by each other. Cute.
    I am going to do a photo bomb of brian thread, once this film im downloading is finished. Takes for ever! and my computer is a bloke, it can only do one thing at a time.

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    I think the woolies grainfree is the cheapest available. Other option is to keep an eye on big bags of kibble on clearance at the pet shop (pet barn often has clearance bags on offer) - if you dog is happy enough on what ever is on the clearance shelf that month.

    Unfortunately that's not an option for me as I have a fussy small dog so if I fork out for a big bag and he wont eat it it's a long month.

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