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Thread: Help mosquito looking bump near jawline/chin

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    Default Help mosquito looking bump near jawline/chin

    Hello guys. I new to the forum and just bought a 7 week old border collie x australian cattle. As I was giving him a warm bath as he played in mud. I notice a slight bump with a tip. It is around the size of the mosquito bite, but no hairs are lost around it.

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    I have a photo but don't know how to post a photo on my phone.

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    He is too young, should havecstayed with his Mum until 8 weeks at least. So make sure he gets lots of opportunities for positive socialisation with dogs. In that week he would have learned many social skills from litter mates. He Should be checked by the vet anyway, especially being young, breeder was not responsible,so ask the vet about the lump.
    Post some photos we like pics.

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    Some dogs have moles, most dogs have five moles strategically placed around their face and all dogs have nipples that fit the little bump criteria...

    And they get lumps from mozzies too.

    And ticks. And allergic reactions to fleas.

    Given yours is a tiny baby - could be anything.

    You will need to take him in for vaccination follow up and microchipping. Vets won't microchip under 8 weeks of age -
    Is microchipping mandatory for cats and dogs? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    and legally you should not have been able to buy an unmicrochipped dog or puppy.

    what's done is done now.

    While you're getting your puppy checked at the vet
    ask about puppy preschool (socialising the puppy and training the owner how to look after a puppy)
    get the lump checked out
    plan some flea, tick, heartworm and worm management - there's lots of different systems. Some are more expensive up front but cheaper per annum. Personally I don't like the heart worm injection - cos that costs more per annum - even if you get the first shot free.

    Get a vax plan in place.

    Depending on the vet and what they use - you want your dog to be vaccinated to at least "C5" and when I got my puppy first done - she needed three shots - one at 8 weeks, one at 12 and one at 16 - so AWL had done the first one and I had to get the second two done. And after that - one per year. Sort of.

    There's some that you can get done every three years and others that need doing every year - talk to vet about that.

    And given that your dog is part border collie - you need to be careful what flea treatment you use - as some border collies and part border collies are allergic to some flea treatments.

    And for you and your new puppy - given it's a farm dog you will need to do heaps and heaps of mental engagement aka trick training. Starting with loose lead walking and toilet training, and building up to "skidboot" tricks. Ie random sits and downs and stops and fetches and spins and twists and shake hands and sing and paddle....

    Dog Training Digital Textbook | Dog Star Daily


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    Sorry for saying he's 7 weeks haha I keep thinking of the age listed in the ad. He's about 8 and a half weeks old ATM. I picked him up two days ago after he's microchipping and vaccination.

    The lump isn't annoying nor painful for my collie casey. I'm the one who's worried but it all seems fine with no fluids coming out of hair loss.

    Puppy school wasnt my intention to get this little guy. I wanted to have the knowledge train a puppy that's why I got a puppy, otherwise I would of adopted one.

    He is very playful right now. I just taught him fetch with a Sandle and he is a play biter. But I just hold still on whatever he play bites and tell him stop and he let goes after a bit.

    I have many neighbours with dogs as I live near a house training centre. Even some with sheep. So I will definitely take him around once he had all his shots and is comfortable on a leash and listens to commands fluently.

    Right now Im trying to teach him come when called on my 7 acher vegetable farm and spend 2hours + with him each day all up.

    I need help with getting him to poop before bed as I don't want to wake up extremely early in the evening. Thanks.

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    My cat doesn't really enjoy our collies playful company so far, but getting there.

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    doesn't look like a tick thank god.

    Could be an ingrown hair, a mozzie bite that got infected, a grass seed or splinter that got infected...

    Hopefully the vet will sort you out.

    Do check if he needs more booster vaccinations or if that one he got is enough for a year.

    Great that you're training him and have plenty of room. Adopted dogs don't come already trained - training is forever.

    As for the late night pitstops. Lots of info in here.

    You can train them to go on command. Mine is "shitnapiss". Mainly - you put the puppy on lead, take it to the place you want it to go - and then be really really boring, when puppy starts to sniff you tell it good dog - quietly, and when it goes you tell it "shitnapiss" or what ever cue word you want for this "ScottMorrison" might be a good one or "Respects to Mr Rabbit" - but something you don't say all the time.

    I think I was setting the alarm for two night time potty stops until my puppy was about 14 weeks old. Yours might be quicker but they can't hold on very long at 8 weeks or so no matter how well you do getting the last minute potty stop.

    You might want to get your cat one of those carpet trees with a platform where your puppy can't reach... just so it gets some peace occasionally.

    There are quite a few dog sports you can do with a herding dog...
    herding - I kid you not - you can compete herding...
    Dogs NSW - Committee

    lots and lots of tricks.

    And lots of pictures of your puppy being cute please.

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    Haha cheers. The bump hasn't developed any larger so I'll keep an on it until next month when he gets his second shot.
    Luckily for me I played fetch before I sleep in my farm shed to get him tired as he would of only woken up 2 hours after the afternoon walk. My dad suggested a place where it's just out side the farm door and we just tie him up and wait for him to potty and go to bed. He definitely does number ones every night, but not number twos last night. Unbelievably he held it in until 5:40am before he woke me up crying to make me take him outside.

    When he got all his shots I'm taking him on about a 3km jog every afternoon part of my cardio training. I would also try and teach him to fetch a frisbee, if I can't convince my neighbours to let me herd their hobby lives stock. Haha will take awhile.

    I'll try and get a few photos of him tomorrow with my camera as he is overly excited all the time and I can hardly get a still shot. But I'll try.

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    You might want to check with vet about how much exercise to give until he's about 6 months old ie the rule of thumb is about 5 minutes per month of age - so at 2 months (8 to 10 weeks) - that's 10 minutes in one session.

    Otherwise you can risk giving them joint damage early. So I don't know how long it takes you to run 3km but I would have a plan to build the dog up to that slowly and not till the dog is a bit older.

    heaps of low impact trick training - mental exercise wears them out as much as lots of running does.

    The ANKC doesn't allow dogs to compete in sports like agility until they're over 12 months old but maybe as old as 18 months is better. But there is heaps of foundation training that builds strength and flexibility before you want to compete.

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