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Thread: Help mosquito looking bump near jawline/chin

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    Can't drive so can't participate in competitions. But I do around half an hours of training and fun around 3-4 sessions throughout the day. And then he gets on a long leash and roams around our shed until he's bored, but I walk him around our farm for 20 mins roughly 1km of walking distance. I'm planning to start running with him once he's trained and had he's last shot at like the age of 6 months old I'm guessing. But yea not risking him being in contact with other dogs on my neighbour hood with only his first vaccine. Right now I want him to know that he will get about 2 jogs a day one in the morning and one afternoon. And some fetch and like other activities when I'm free on the weekend. This is the routine I am aiming for.
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    I would now consider to break up the 3km runs in half so 1.5km I'm the morning and then afternoon. Would take only about 10 minutes. But I will hopefully increase this.

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    Sounds like a well placed energy pup to me.

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    My puppies shots were
    8 weeks 12 weeks and 16 weeks so all done before she was four months old...

    But I think there's more than one system / schedule for the shots these days.

    Can't drive? Wow. Time to work on "Mum's taxi service"? Or extra rides from the person who helps you get the dog to the vet (unless that's all home visits?)

    Katrina and friends from the Wonder Dogs... run an online puppy course. It is $120 to $150 but you might ask for a student or junior owner discount maybe? Eg email them and offer what you can afford.
    Pet Lovers Puppy Club - Online Puppy Training

    Reads like you've got a good setup going - try to get your puppy as many new (happy) experiences as possible. Eg visting the local sports oval and introducing puppy to everyone is good. Just make sure there is no opportunity to steal sausages from toddlers (my dog swore the toddler stuffed the sausage directly into her mouth and that's what it looked like to me too)...

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