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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with treating/caring for an ataxic dog due to a compressed disc? Has anyone chosen a conservative treatment approach (bed rest/pain killers) or if you've gone with surgery. What has been the outcome of either?

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    Is that a dog with a wobbly back end? I'm guessing you know it's not a tick? (Can your dog bark ok?)

    I know several dogs that have just gotten better by themselves with some pain management and anti inflamatories. Can take a couple of months.

    I guess if they don't get better in that time - then it might be an idea to consider surgery.

    Don't know much about doing that - except when the dog busts an ACL etc. Then surgery seems to have good outcomes. Although some dogs promptly go and bust the other ACL...

    Here's a thread that has some overlap with what you're describing - and some stuff about food in the USA mixed in.

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    Have they confirmed that it definitely is a slipped disc? The thread that Hyacinth linked is about my parent's dog.. She suddenly lost all control of her legs and basically all other body functions and movement, except for breathing. They thought it was a slipped disc, confirmed it wasn't, did heaps of other tests and still couldn't find what was wrong. Every vet they spoke to suggested having her put to sleep. She wasn't in pain so my parents persisted with acupuncture, massage, laser therapy and steroids and she was walking/running/playing again perfectly within a few months
    If you have any doubts about surgery and depending on the pain levels, I would definitely recommend trying bed rest and acupuncture/physio..
    Please keep us updated

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