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    Hi Everyone, my friend has a 2 yo golden retriever and just slightly a week ago, she noticed that the small tooth beside his canine(the big fang) was chipped and showing the dentin.

    Brought him to the vet and the vet says nothing to worry about and to ignore it. If it's giving problem in future then she can consider removing the tooth under sedation.

    Does anyone has a similar problem? Just want to check before going for a second opinion. Thanks guys!

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    If it has not hit the nerve then I see no problem. Some of my teeth are chipped and missing parts, they've been like that for years and i've never had a problem. I even snapped one of my front teeth in half once... I missed the nerve by 1mm... so technically I could have left it and there wouldn't have been a problem... but I did get that one fixed

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    I chipped a front tooth and then got obsessed by the dent in it. could not keep my tongue off it, so I got the dentist to smooth it off.

    I'm pretty sure my dog has some chips on some of her teeth (before I stopped giving her marrow bones and deer antler)... doesn't seem to bother her.

    Do get your vet to have a look at your dog's teeth as part of an annual checkup eg when you go in for vaccinations etc...

    Some dogs get really bad teeth and need a lot of help with them. Especially pet shop special small white fluffies (SWF).

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