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    hi ladies and gents, my nephews staffy needs to be wormed his last worming was recorded on 3/7/14 which is just under 3 months ago by a couple of weeks, i was just outside playing with the dogs i got the staffy a little excited than he started walking and scratching his ass on the cement as if he has worms or atlease ive seen dogs walk like this when they have worms

    so my question is will Malbimax Allwormer be ok giving it 2 weeks short of the 3 monthly dosage timing?

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    Milbebax - all wormer...

    Probably ok to give it a little bit sooner rather than later. July and August were long months anyway so if you were counting days - a week earlier is about right.

    Did you actually see any worms?

    Boot scooting is also caused by:
    * dags (little bits of poop stuck on long bits of grass that don't disengage properly)
    * full anal glands (you can search youtube but consider that dogs and skunks are related...)
    * an itchy rash from grass allergies
    * ants - from sitting on an ant nest or near one when they're about to fly

    gut worms - maybe.

    Boot scooting is not caused by heart worm. But Milbemax will get that one too if you give it monthly. It's supposed to be given montly not like canex - which is every three months but only does gastrointestinal worms and tape worm.
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