Yeah well hopefully the Hollard brand is pretty stable now. That is what I am getting from the top in terms of revamping polices etc. I know with mine with Hollard I experienced the same jump a couple of years ago. I found out (as I had been with them a few years) the policy limit I had at the time I got it was $8000. For this big jump in price it had been increased to a $12 000 limit. Also and most importantly when I first joined them you could only say claim cancer once up to $8000 for the dogs life. This was applicable to a lot of diseases. They changed that to the limit of $12000 a year cap and that can be sayy $4000 cancer $2000 arthritis etc until reach your $12000 limit for that policy year. As Frodo had cancer this was a plus for me if it was needed as his first lot cost about $6500 of my then $8000 limit. I thought that the increase was justified and continued the policy.