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Thread: Weird Thing on Her Lip?

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    Default Weird Thing on Her Lip?

    Jessie is a staffy 11 week old female pup, we noticed yesterday she has a weird scabbie looking thing on her lip, it is about 2cm long by 1.5 cm wide, as much as i can tell you is that it is dark in colour but her muzzle is dark as well, and its like a scab, what do i do? she is due for a needle soon do i leave it till then to see the vet or take her asap? please help. My husband said it could be cancer. i hope not.
    Thank you

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    Any chance of posting a picture of it.

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    I wouldn't think it would be cancer at her age and if her lip is dark pigmented. Could she have scratched or cut it on something? Maybe it is just a scab?

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    Yes,any chance of a pic?
    And yep,it does sound like some type of scab,you'd be amazed at what Stafford children can get into
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    Default pic

    this is the best i could do with such a worm, she chews alot of things on that side as well, if that helps.
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    Hey Naomi
    I'm not sure what it could be, sorry I'm not much help but just wanted to say that Staffords are prone to allergies and skin problems could be that. I would go to the vet and have it checked out though.

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    Me, I would take her to the vet. IMO no expert, maybe a saw that got infected.
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    Look to me like a healing sore... But if it doesn't clear up I'd ask a vet. It looks nice and pink around the edges like it's well on it's way to getting better.

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    Cant really see in the pic but sounds like she might have nicked her mouth on a chewed plastic toy or something maybe? If its bothering her take her to the vet. If not i wouldnt worry to much, just keep a close eye on it to make sure it isnt getting worse and ask your vets next time you guys are there for her next needle. (Presuming this wouldnt be to long away anyways?) You could bath it with a cotton ball and salty water a couple of time a day which should help it to clear up quicker.

    Staffys generally start to develop more serious skin problems after 9 months of age (Or at least this is what i have noticed and many other staffy owners have confirmed this) Although many do suffer from mites/demodex as pups, this is quite common. All dogs have demodex mites, it just when there is an over ubundance of the mite it cause the dog to itch and scatch and loose fur and from this secondary infections can occur.

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    i will be taking jessie to the vet in a couple of weeks for her needle, the scabs have gone, it is all pink until she chews something and makes it bleed. it is alittle swollen but it looks better, but i will be letting the vet know.

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