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Thread: Weird Thing on Her Lip?

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    Glad to hear it's looking better, let us know she goes

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    it's microsporosis i think. nothing to be overly worried about. make sure you wash your hands regularly and put some betadine on it. type of fungus.

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    Has she been chewing a bone or anything else that would irritate her skin? My Mimi gets VERY red on one side of her mouth and gives me heart attacks when she has had a bone to chew!

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    Cancer is a great deceiver.

    It can look like so many things.

    I don't want to alarm you but i think the correct thing is to go see the Vet and not wait for the time her needle is due.

    You just don't want to get this one wrong.

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    took her to the vet, and she has a similar mark on her butt, and between the toes, they ruled out ringworm, and took some scrapings for mites, but they think it could be skin irritation and the hair is growing back, she gave us some cream and if it is not looking better in a week we are to take her back, for more tests.

    Thank you to everyone for your advice.

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